Excursion-Sights in the region and Bad Bevensen

Bad Bevensen is situated in the beautiful landscape of the Lüneburg Heath between the cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover.


The source of health and a popular tourist resort in the Lüneburg Heath - Bad Bevensen is great for tourism and health as well as recreational activities and a relaxing holiday environment. The heath spa is known for its iodine-saline thermal baths, the therapeutic competence and its extensive spa on the banks of Ilmenau. Bad Bevensen is the only mineral spa in the Lüneburg Heath - with ideal conditions for tourism and cures.

Bad Bevensen lies in a gentle-hilly landscape of the northern German lowland. The region is characterized by potato, sugar beet and grain farming, by forests, small heaths, the valley of the Ilmenau and the Elbe Lateral Canal.


Here visitors will find outstanding opportunities for an active holiday including walking, biking or river tours.


Markets, music and traditional festivals create a convivial atmosphere. Visitors can discover prehistoric relics, visit Medingen cloister or observe the Earth´s rotations in the sundial garden.

Veranstaltungen in Bad Bevensen

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Bad Bevensen has something to offer all year round. Discover the spa town's highlights in Bad Bevensen's events calendar.

Stadtansicht Lüneburg

Lüneburg, Uelzen & Co.

Interesting Towns

Discover the region around Bad Bevensen and visit famous towns like the salt town of Lüneburg or Uelzen with its famous Hundertwasser railway station.

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Golf Courses in the Region

Some beautiful golf courses are located in the immediate vicinity of our hotel. You can also benefit from the Heide-Golf card.

The magic of heather blossom

Look at the video beside and enjoy the magic of the heather blossom in the Lüneburger Heide.


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